Tatiana Leahu

Fine stitch embroidery


When Tatiana discovered the Art of Embroidery she was 13 years old.  She was fascinated by how shades of coloured thread and a needle can express the beauty of nature, her own feelings and emotions. 


Every time she has a new idea she takes photographs and draws in the basic lines of the new piece of work. When the pattern is ready it is converted into a large diagram to aid her when stitching.  She can choose as many as 250 shades of coloured DMC cotton threads which she will use to embroider the design stitch by stitich onto Aida fabric.  It takes hundreds of hours to complete a piece of work. 


For her the most beautiful part of the process for her is the love and care that she brings to each stitch.  This she enjoys day by day until she has created the finished piece.


Four years ago she moved to Aldeburgh and was invited to visit Maggie Hamblings' studio.  Maggi suggested she exhibit and as a thank you Tatiana embroidered "The Shell" for her.  Other artists also showed their appreciation and it is Tatiana's hope that you will find a piece of her work that will speak to you.


One of her pieces now hangs in Kensington Palace.


She also undertakes commissions for family portraits.  



We now  have several examples of Tatiana's exquisite work.  She has taken over 900 hours to produce the view of Orford Lighthouse.


Photgraphs do not do this work justice.  Come and visit our showroom to see how her needlework captures  iconic views of our coastline.





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