Sue Bowerman



Sue works in Hollesley on the Wilford Penninsula.  She produces hand thrown pots in stoneware or porcelain.  Even the small lightpulls are produced in this way.


It takes just under 1 lb of clay to produce a mug.  She also produces bowls, jugs and occasional items such as olive dishes and colanders.  Once the clay has been thrown on a wheel, a process which gives it shape and form, the pots are left to dry.  When they are "leather-hard" they are trimmed using tools to develop the final shape and surface.


To throw really small items, such as light pulls, a large lump of clay is roughly centred on the wheel, then only the top part is properly centred and thrown "off the hump" into the appropriate shape.


Drying thoroughly takes about a weeek before the pots can be "biscuit-fired" in an electric kiln to 975 C.  If they are not dry they explode.  Once cooled the pots can be glazed and fired again, this time to 1240 C.  They are left to cool over at least 24 hours to prevent "thermal shock" (cooling too quickly), which makes the glaze crack.


Sue supplies the centre with her Shoreline range which is proving very popular.  Its soft greens and beige colours which mix and merge in different ways are very evocative of this part of Suffolk. We also stock more colourful wares.


New ranges just in Blue sand  and Raku pebbles.



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