Orford Museum

Orford Museum reopened in the Upper Hall of Orford Castle in 2005.  With funding from a number of sources they were able to provide display cases and information panels within the castle which are open to the public during the normal castle opening hours.  Volunteer stewards from the Friends of Orford Museum staff the museum at busy times.  In addtition there is a touch-screen kiosk with a "virtual tour" of the museum in St Bartholemew's Church and an exhibition on display panels.


The Museum has provided the craft centre with copies of three books and a broad selection of their regular twice yearly Bulletins which feature a huge range of historical topics about Orford and its surrounding area.

The compilations cost £10 and individual Bulletins £5 each.


The Friends of Orfford Museum are always seeking new members and details can be obtained through their Chairman Elizabeth Spinney.  Details can be found in the Bulletins or through the centre.



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