Lindsay Maynard

Artist - "A Country Collection"


Lindsay Maynard was inspired by the countryside whch has been a central part of her ife, from the flower drawings she loved to do as a child, to the floral and animal studies that she continues to do, in her words "as a grown up"!

Her background in textile design features as a passion for all things surface pattern, and she is always thinking of ways to use her paintings for fabrics and homewares. 'A country Collection' encompasses some of the product ideas that have come to fruition, both hand made and traditionally printed. More poducts are lined up to make an appearance over the next few months.

Her early life was spent in the breathtaking area of south Lakeland country, around Kendal and Lancaster, with a move to beautiful Herefordshire with her family in 2001. They now reside in rural Suffolk, with all the splendour of the undulating countryside and a wealth of

walks and nature to capture the imagination.


Their two dogs Milo and Flora usually accompany them, and have been patient subjects for her to sketch and draw! This has resulted in many commissions for animal portraits from all over the United Kingdom and world wide.


In the Craft Centre we have a range of Lindsay's marble coasters, pot stands and serving platter/cheese boards, as well as her wall hangings.  The designs are full of life with a variety of animals featured in many designs and a selection of bright colourful flower designs.  In addition there are scenes from Aldeburgh beach and Soutwold's famous beach huts to choose from.  We also now have Lindsay's designs in marble pendants.


The images on marble are taken from her paintings, transferred to the marrble and sealed to ensure they are heat proof and resilient. 



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