Jasper Jacob


Jasper has been painting all around the world. He was born in Sri Lanka and his father was a tea planter.

After returning to England and school he went to Kingston Art School to study architecture and design.He gained a f irst class honours degree and went and worked for the BBC as a set designer and then went into designing museums and art galleries.










His company has designed major projects worldwide for many years but he is now concentrating on his painting. His paintings delve into the energy to show an inner life.










His association with Suffolk goes back a number of years and his children live here.




He paints in watercolours and acrylic and is particualrly attracted by the building styles of older buildings in the aea. The edge of land and sea and the power of the waves, along with boats also inspire his work. He believes the land, trees and coastline have an energy of their own and he tries to capture this in his work. In contrast the manmade elements of the coastal area such as bridges along with sunrise and sunsets provide further scope to explore his art.



He has exhibited in France, London and Lyme Regis, Dorset in 2018.



We have a number of framed and unframed originals in the Craft Centre.










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