Daphne Gardner

Artist, Potter and Poet


Daphne excaped to Suffolk several years ago to pursue her artistic aspirations including learning to paint and draw and setting up her own pottery studio.  She has loved the North Sea coast for many years and is inspired by the space, tranquility and wild quality of the environment to create in various mediums


We stock a range of her items in the craft centre including her two poetry booklets, "Reflections" and "Landscapes" and her original line, "Daphne's Buttons".


Daphne also takes commissions for work including water features.




The Pheasants of Suffolk


The pheasants of Suffolk could  be a rare breed

As they pause at the side of the road as they feed.

They rush to cross over when a car passes by,

Never thinking that they could take to the sky.


They end up at best with feathers all ruffled,

And hear curses from drivers, not quite muffled.

But more often than not, squashedis their fate,

Except when a rare car stops to wait.....................


Extract from a poem on Suffolk widlife




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