Claudia Myatt



Claudia spends her whole life drawing, or painting, or writing, or teaching other people to

paint and draw. She has a particular obsession with boats and the sea, so you’ll see her

work in books and sailing magazines, as well as on the walls of her studio in Suffolk. Home

is an elderly tug boat up a creek and she blogs occasionally about life afloat, sailing, drawing

and anything else.


She illustrates regularly for yachting magazines including Classic Boat and Marine Quarterly…and if you’re a reader of Practical Boat Owner you’ll see her cartoon every month alongside Dave Selby’s column ‘Mad about the boat’. ..

Her studio is a converted stable near Martlesham Creek on the lovely River Deben. 

Orford Craft Centre carries a very popular range of products which Claudia produces from some of her designs.  We have coasters with fresh delightful pictures of our Suffolk sea and river towns and villages, where Claudia captures the unique nature of each location. Claudia has also developed this range into pot stands and cards.

Particularly popular with customers of the Craft Centre is the Orford village view which is available in all three products mentioned above and also as a print for your wall.

Also available is Claudia's book "Keeping a Sketchbook Diary".  This is an inspirational straightforward booklet describing how to go about keeping such a diary and reassuring the novice artist about how to use this discipine to enhance their work and have some fun with art.


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