Chic Haus by Jenny

Jenny Wood


Jenny started Chic Haus whilst she was living in Germany.  That gave rise to the name and its spelling.  She began making "Map art" for the ex-pat community, as a keepsake reminder or memory of the places they were living in.


The photographs on wood began with an expieriment with a wedding photo and pleased with the results she continued to develop this idea into photo prints on wood of local places.  We stock two in the centre at present.  Good quality photos are essential to produce good results.


After living abroad for twelve years in Cologne, Germany and Michigan, USA, Jenny returned with her husband to live in the Suffolk countryside.  They had known the county for many years, spending happy holidays here. She originates from Chelmsford in Essex and she and her husband wanted to spend their retirement by the Suffolk coast.


Jenny can take personalised commissions or repeat designs to order.




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